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How to Add Exceptions for Popups in Chrome

Video:How to add exceptions for Popups in Google Chrome.


STEP 1: In the Google Chrome browser, select the Chrome Menu icon.

STEP 2: Select Settings in the drop-down menu.

STEP 3: Scroll down to the bottom and select Advanced.

STEP 4: The Privacy and security block will appear. Select Content Settings in the block list.

STEP 5: In the Content settings list, select Popups.select popups

STEP 6: In Popups settings, on the right side of the Allow, select ADD.select add

STEP 7: In the Add a site box, enter cirrus.paradigmeducation.com, then select the blue ADD button.

STEP 8: In the Allow section select the Add button to display the Add a site box again. Enter lti.cirrus.paradigmeducation.com, then select the blue ADD button. 

STEP 9: Ensure that cirrus.paradigmeducation.com and lti.cirrus.paradigmeducation.com appear under the Allow list. 

Congratulations! You just enabled your Chrome browser to allow Popups when accessing Cirrus.

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