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Adding User Override for an Assignment

A scenario may arise where an instructor would like to adjust project or exercise settings for individual students. This can be done by adding a User Override, which allows instructors to a adjust settings such as Proctor Codes, Open/Close Date, Time Limit, or Attempts Allowed. Steps for creating a User Override are listed below:

**Note: These steps are applicable to all Cirrus integrations (Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, Canvas, Cirrus Canvas, etc.)

  1. Within a course, navigate to the desired assignment.
  2. At the assignment review page (contains options to Preview or adjust settings), select the Manage Settings tab in the assignment pane.
  3. At the page that appears, select User Overrides.
  4. Select Add User Override at the page that appears next.
  5. At the Override page, locate the Override User box and select the student(s) for the User Override.
  6. Adjust settings as desired in the remainder of the page. Reminder: any settings applied here are only applied to the student(s) selected in the box from Step 5.
  7. When finished adjusting settings, select the Save button to complete the User Override. Alternatively, you can select the Save and enter another override if you wish to immediately add a separate User Override to this assignment.

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