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Guide to Taking a Skills Check

Before Taking the Skills Check

To complete a Cirrus Skill Check exam you must have a computer that is connected to the internet with an upload speed of at least 512 kbps. Your browser MUST be up to date and have the popup blocker turned OFF for the website and

STEP 1: Select a Skills Check item within your Cirrus course.

STEP 2: Select Attempt exam now button.

A screencap of the Fullscreen button

STEP 3: Your exam will launch automatically after 25 to 60 seconds. After the exam has opened, use the Fullscreen button or press Ctrl – (negative) to expand to full screen.

Step 4: Review the information displayed and select the Next button.

Step 5: Select Begin after reviewing the activity’s parameters.

STEP 6: The exam will open with the Task Instructions displayed. Review the task instructions, and then make the required changes to the Microsoft Office document.

STEP 7: When you have finished making the changes, select the Check Answer button.

If your changes are correct, a green Correct message displays in the center of the page. It then moves to the next Skills Check item.

If the changes are completed incorrectly, an Incorrect statement will display.

During the check answer process, a completion status will display, and will insert feedback in a Review Document. This process takes a few seconds to complete.

In the review document displayed, the activity lists what mistakes were made and, where appropriate, placed in the document where your mistakes were made. (Note: this is a review document, not the document on which you made changes. You cannot make changes to the review document.)

If you have attempts remaining for this item, you have three options: Reset, Return, Skip.

  • Selecting Reset opens the item’s document as it was before you made any changes. You can start over, make all the needed changes, and then select Check Answer. This will consume an attempt.
  • Selecting Return reopens the item’s document with the changes you made to it before you click Check Answer. You can update the submitted item’s document and then select Check Answer. This will consume an attempt.
  • Selecting Skip will move you to the next skill item in the activity.

If you do not have attempts remaining for the item, the Skill Check will display a message indicating there are no more attempts and a Go to Next button will be available. Selecting the Go to Next button will close the attempts for the Skill Check task and advance to the next task.

The control box (upper right):

  1. Check Answer – Button that checks the current skill item for mistakes.
  2. Time – The remaining time for the entire exam.
  3. Task – the task number your are on out of the total number.

STEP 8: When you have completed all of the exam items, the Skill Check will automatically return to your course. You will see an exam results page showing your score for each item.  This includes feedback for incorrect items.

Design Ribbon Title Repeatedly Redisplaying Issue

Selecting the Design ribbon while working on an Office application will sometimes cause the Theme Titles to repeatedly redisplay, preventing access to ribbon functions.

To stop the Titles from repeatedly redisplaying:

STEP 1: Begin with the exam’s virtual desktop open at full screen. Click the Fullscreen button if necessary.

STEP 2: Select the Design tab in the Office application to make it active.

STEP 3: Right-click anywhere on the Office application’s Quick Access Toolbar.

STEP 4: With the Customize Quick Access Toolbar drop-down list open, type C or select the Customize Quick Access Toolbar command.

STEP 5: In the Quick Access Toolbar section of the Word Options dialog box , press Enter or select the OK button. (You don’t need to make any changes.)

The Titles should now stop rolling.

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