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How to Create a Course from a Template in Cirrus Canvas

If your school is not using the Cirrus Canvas LMS

These steps are for Cirrus Canvas. If your school is using a different LMS, please reach out to your local Account Manager. You can locate your Account Manager by navigating to https://paradigmeducation.com/contact/account-manager/, select the first radio button, and then enter your ZIP code in the provided field.

How to Create a Course From a Template

For Paradigm Canvas users only
STEP 1: Log in to Cirrus by entering your credentials and selecting the Sign In button.

STEP 2: At the Cirrus Dashboard, select the Start a New Course from a Template button.

STEP 3: Select the Copy button next to the content/course you are teaching.

STEP 4: Type the name of your new course into the Course Name text box. You may use the current name or enter a different one you prefer.

STEP  5: Your course will be built. You will be automatically redirected to the Cirrus Dashboard. When the course is complete, it will display in your Dashboard.

Publishing Your Course

STEP 1: Log in to Cirrus and go to the Dashboard.

  1. Select the course from your Dashboard. 
  2. Select the Go To Course button.

STEP 2: Select the Publish button, which is located on the right side of the page below Course Status.

STEP 3: The button will turn green, indicating the course is published. The Unpublish button will grey turn grey to indicate it is no longer active.

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