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How to Schedule and Edit Assignments in Canvas

Cirrus provides several different assignment scheduling options.

If your school is not using Canvas LMS

These steps are for Canvas. If your school is using a different LMS, the course creation from a template process may look different.

Editing Assignment Settings

For Paradigm Canvas users only
STEP 1: Log in to Cirrus.

  1. Select the course from your Dashboard. 
  2. Select the Go To Course button.

STEP 2: The course Homepage will be displayed.

  1. Select the section or app you would like to schedule.
  2. Select an Activity.

STEP 3:  The item will load. On the main assignment page, you can edit the most commonly used scheduling settings and then save your changes by selecting the Save button.

STEP 4: Additional scheduling parameters can be located in the Manage Settings tab.

  • Edit Exam: Edit exam allows you to set grade points as well as shuffle questions for certain assignment types.
    1. Shuffle: certain assignment types allow random shuffling of questions. To enable shuffling, insert a checkmark in the Shuffle check box.
    2. Grade Points: You may edit question point values as well as the maximum grade.

Select the Save button after making changes.

  • Advanced Scheduling: Additional scheduling options are available in the section.

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