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How to Invite Students to Your Course

If your college is using its own Learning Management System (LMS)

Institutes using their own LMS to deploy Cirrus will enroll students into the course based on policies set up for the LMS.

For Paradigm Canvas users only

Instructors can invite students who have purchased Cirrus activation codes for a course by providing a Join Code to the student.

Inviting Students using the Join Code

For Paradigm Canvas users only
STEP 1: Log in to Cirrus.

STEP 2: Navigate to the course to which you are inviting the student.

STEP 3: Select Settings from the active tab menu list.

STEP 4:  Copy the Getting Started URL and Join Code located in the Join Code section.

STEP 5: Distribute the Getting Started URL (if needed) and Join Code for the course:

  • New Students: Will need the Getting Started URL https://gs.cirrus.paradigmeducation.com/ and the Join Code to complete the initial Cirrus account creation process.
  • Students who have a Cirrus account: Will need to be provided the Join Code and follow the steps on enrolling into the course here.

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