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Navigating Cirrus Using a Screen Reader and Keyboard

The Cirrus platform is based on the Canvas LMS. This makes Cirrus use
Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) landmark regions extensively. ARIA define ways to make web content and web applications more accessible to people with disabilities. Therefore, the best way to get around in Canvas is to navigate via regions. Within regions, Canvas uses HTML headings.

When using a screen reader and keyboard, Cirrus uses the Canvas LMS page navigation menu as follows:

  • Main navigation
  • Context navigation
  • Breadcrumbs navigation
  • Main region
  • Complimentary information
  • Content information

Accessing a Course from the Cirrus Dashboard

The dashboard is the default landing page after logging into the Cirrus Learning Platform. Navigating the dashboard is done by using the tab key to move the browser focus to various sections or content block within the page.

For Paradigm Canvas users only Cirrus Dashboard screenshot
Cirrus dashboard with Skip to Content active

To navigate to the Cirrus courses, press the tab key to enable the Skip to Content link and then press enter key. This will shift the browser focus to the course block area. Press the tab again until the focus is on the course to view then press the enter key to go to the course homepage.

For Paradigm Canvas users only Course block in focus image screenshot
Course block in focus. Note the course title in box when focused.
Keyboard shortcut in Assignments and Module page

By pressing the comma key, users can view a pop-up window with the list of shortcuts for keyboard navigation. Keyboard shortcuts are available on the following in the Cirrus pages and assessment activities:

The following Cirrus Assessment Activities can also be accessed and completed using the keyboard. Select an activity type to learn more:

Canvas related information source: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2061-accessibility-within-canvas

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