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How to Review Student Results

Cirrus includes the ability to review student results in detail. The process may vary depending on the assignment type (e.g. Skills Check Exam, Exercise, or Project Exam).

If your school is not using Canvas LMS

If your school is not using Canvas, some of the parts of the interface represented in the user guide images may appear slightly different when you access Cirrus content.

How to Review Student Results

For Paradigm Canvas users only
STEP 1: Log in to Cirrus.

  1. Select the course from your Dashboard. 
  2. Select the Go To Course button.

STEP 2: The course Homepage will be displayed.

  1. Select the section or app where the item is that you want to review.
  2. Select an Activity.

STEP 3: Select the Student Attempts tab.

STEP 4: Display completed attempts by selecting the Status header to sort the list of attempts.

The attempt detail view will show:

  • The student name
  • Number of attempts
  • Date attempted
  • Grade or score
  • The correct and incorrect answers per step

STEP 4: Select the student name hyperlink to review the attempt detail, view the answer key, or download the submitted document file. Some activity types will also provide Task Images.

Download and View Submitted Document Attempts

Select Submitted File to download and view the document.

View Answer Key

To view the answer key, select Answer Key on the right hand side of any Task. A pop-up window displays the answer to the given task.

Task Images

Task images are screen captures of the student’s attempts. These images display in the same order as how the student attempted the activity. To view task images of the submitted document, select Task Images in the Task section.

See the image below for an example of the Step Images page.

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