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How to View Student Grades

Instructors are able to view grades for:

  • All students in their course
  • An individual student
If your school is not using Canvas LMS

These steps are for Canvas. If your school is using a different LMS, viewing student grades may look different.

How to View Student Grades

For Paradigm Canvas users only
STEP 1: Log in to Cirrus.

  1. Select the course from your Dashboard. 
  2. Select the Go To Course button.

STEP 2: The course Homepage will be displayed.

STEP 2: Select Grades in the left navigation menu.

STEP 3: The grades table will show the Student Names, Assignment Columns, and the corresponding scores or grade per assignment or course activity. You can scroll horizontally to see all of the course items and scores or grades in the rest of the course activity. You can select a student name to view a student’s current course score or grade.

When you select the student name from the grade table, the student’s grade table will look like the image below:

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