Navigating Activities

For more information on how to launch activities, view the Launch Activities page. Otherwise, follow the directions below.

STEP 1: Select an session from the NAVIGATION pane and select an activity. Look here to know how to launch an activity.

STEP 2: To navigate between activities, use the Next, Previous and Repeat buttons.

  • The Next button moves you to the next activity that your Instructor has available for you to attempt.
  • The Previous button will take you to the activity immediately preceding the activity you were just viewing.
  • The Repeat button reloads the activity you are currently on, and starts fresh.



Unfinished progress

Any unfinished progress will be lost if you navigate to another activity before finishing the current one.

STEP 3: For activity-specific help, click the Help link below the tab.

STEP 4: To return to the course homepage, click the Course Menu tab.

STEP 5: A list of activities in the current unit will be shown by default. Click Dashboard to get back to the course homepage.

STEP 6: Click the back button in the upper left corner of the application if you ever need to go back a page.

Updated on August 31, 2019

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